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Basic Automotive Dent Repair Tools For DIY

Updated: Sep 12

This is your top 5 list of Automotive Dent Repair Tools needed for the beginner and for the teenager that just put a ding in dad's Corvette fender. I have all these tools in my box plus many more. This list is the Top 5 Automotive Dent Repair Tools.

Basic PDR Tools

1. Tab Puller

This is the #1 tool needed but you will need them all because they work together. This tool pulls the tabs that are glued to the body on the ding or damage.

2. Puller Glue Tabs

These tabs are glued to the ding or damage and pulled off with the Tab Puller, which in return pulls the ding out.

3. Glue Gun

The Glue Gun is needed to melt the glue that holds the Puller Tabs to the ding. Now there are PDR brands of these, but I just got mine from the craft section at Amazon. There is also a rechargeable/cordless version of Glue Guns.

4. Glue Sticks

Glue Sticks are needed with the Glue Guns. They hold the Puller Tabs to the ding. Now there are all different colors for different temperatures. Also Different colors are used in different climates. It comes down to which ones pull the best for you in your conditions.

5. Portable Light/Line Board

The Portable Light allows you to see the ding with the reflection of the light on the panel. It's pretty amazing to see.


So there you go The Top 5 Paintless Dent Repair Tools you need to get that ding out of Pop's Vette. Do not forget your PPE and be safe in everything you do!

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