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Adjust Spark Plug Gap On 1988 Evinrude 150 V6 Outboard

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

3 Tools To Adjust Spark Plug Gap On 1988 Evinrude 150 Outboard

This List will give you the tools and the how to adjust your spark plug gap on a 1988 Evinrude 150 V6 Outboard. This is a simple task, I give it a 2 out of 10 on the difficulty scale.

3/8 Inch Ratchet and 13/16 Spark Plug Socket

Be careful when loosening or tightening the spark plugs on the Evinrude 150 V6 with the 3/8 Ratchet and 13/16 spark plug socket. Ensure that your socket is straight on the spark plug. If it is cocked to the side there is a good chance you will break the spark plug. I prefer to use a long handled ratchet when removing spark plugs.

Spark Plug Gap Tool

Now don't Sweat the Spark Plug Gap Tool it is really difficult to break the spark plug electrode on your Evinrude 150 Spark Plugs. You can find these at the counter of your local parts house and usually cost around 99 cents. Also there is no such thing as an outboard Spark Plug Gap Tester. You can use theses on a car, lawnmower, or outboard, makes no difference.

At this time if you are not replacing the Evinrude 150 Spark Plugs. Recommended spark plug is listed at bottom of page. Go ahead and clean up the spark plugs with a little sandpaper and compressed air.

Compressed Air Duster works great and a fine grit sandpaper. You just want to get the debris that comes off when cleaning the electrode with sandpaper out of the tight areas with the air duster.

Recommended Spark Plug Gap

The recommended spark plug gap for an 1988 Evinrude 150 V6 Outboard is .035

Recommended Spark Plug

The recommended Spark Plug for an 1988 Evinrude 150 V6 Outboard Champion QL77JC4

I hope this short post will help you adjust your spark plug gap on your Evinrude 150 Outboard. Check out my blog post on tools for boat carpet replacement https://www.top5toolstouse.com/post/tools-to-replace-boat-carpet-fast

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