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Tools I Use To Mount A Flat Screen TV

Updated: Sep 12

This List is for the Tools To Mount A TV. Ona difficulty scale I am going to put it at a 4 out of 10. The hardest part is finding the studs to mount your bracket into, but there are tools available now to make this an easy task.

Take Down A Mounted Flat Screen With These Tools

1. Stud Finder

The Stud Finder is Used to Locate the Studs in the wall. I recommend everyone have one of these in their toolbox.

2. Level

Now you can use a Laser Level or a Conventional Level. I use the Conventional 2 foot Level. It comes in Handy and doesn't require batteries.

3. Cordless Drill and Drill Bits

The Cordless Drill is used to drill holes in the wall. Also it will be needed to assemble the hanging bracket for TV.

4. Tape Measure

The Tape Measure is used to take measurements when lining the TV mounting bracket up on the wall. And as always I recommend the 25 foot Tape Measure. If you have smaller hands go for the 16 foot Tape Measure.

5. Claw Hammer

Well just because sometimes somethings need a little forceful persuasion. Around the house I prefer the 16 ounce version.


As always be safe in everything you do and wear your Personal Protective Equipment. Check out my other blog posts for great DIY info.

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