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Tools To Have In Your Car Now

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Tools To Keep You Safe In Your Car

1. Safety Belt Cutter Tool

There are numerous versions of the Safety Belt Cutter Tool. This is a lifesaver. Train yourself on its use and capabilities.

2. Self Defense Item

A Self Defense Item is pretty much self explanatory. Choose wisely and always check expiration dates when using Pepper Spray. Also enroll in a proper training course for your item.

3. Change of Clothes or Jacket

A Change of Clothes or Jacket is needed in case you are wet or need an extra layer to keep warm.

4. Drinking Water and Snacks

Always keep Fresh Drinking Water and Snacks in your car. Keep in mind that they will need to be checked regularly for expiration dates.

5. Emergency Roadside Kit

There are numerous different Roadside Kits to Choose from. Check them all out and pick the one that you prefer. I prefer ones with Jumper Cables.

Bonus Tool

Jump Pack

The NoCo Jump Pack has the ability to jumpstart your vehicle, charge your phone and has an available flashlight and strobe light for emergencies. You might ask if my Emergency Roadside Kit has Jumper Cables why do I need a Jump Pack. Well the answer to that question is, You do not always have someone around to jump you off with the cables. It also has a light and a USB Charger Port.


As always do not forget your PPE and if you break down on the road always let someone know where you are. Be safe in everything you do. Check out my other blog posts at www.top5toolstouse.com for great DIY project tool lists. Thanks for stopping by!

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