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3 Tools To Remove 02-05 Dodge Ram Fender

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Tools I Use To Remove A Dodge Ram Fender

My Uncle came by and needed his fender replaced on his 2005 Dodge Ram 1500. He was able to find a replacement fender the same color as his fender at Pull-A-Part. If you are not familiar with Pull-A-Part they are a used auto part company that centers around the customer taking the part off of the automobiles on their lot that they need.

Check them out if you need a used auto part https://www.pullapart.com/ This project was pretty simple and I would say it was a 4 out of 5. We removed the driver side Dodge Ram fender for this project.

The Tools

1. Screwdriver Set

The Screwdriver set will be used three times. The Small and the Medium size Phillips Head will be used and a small Flat Tip Screwdriver. Getting started the windshield wiper arm will need to be moved.

There is a small tab on the wiper arm where it mounts to the wiper motor gear. Flip this out with a Small Flat Tip Screwdriver and pull the arm where it goes over the gear. It will be on there tight. So try and move it back and forth until it pulls off. Right next to where the wiper arm sits in the gear there is a Phillips head screw that holds the wiper cowl to the body of truck.

Remove the Screw, the reason for this is that there is a fender bolt under the cowl that has to be removed. Once the screw is removed pull up the Cowl and go ahead and remove that fender bolt. Be careful holding the cowl piece up, it is plastic and will break.

2. 1/4 Inch Ratchet With Short and Long Extension, 10mm, 8mm Socket

I use a 1/4 Inch Ratchet because it is small and will fit in the tight areas needed to remove the fender liner.

At this point some people go ahead and remove the wheel but I did not. Now we removed the fender liner with the Ratchet, short extension and the 8mm socket. Remove the 7 small screws that hold the fender liner in place.

Drop the fender liner down and you will see the fender bolt that needs to be removed in the bottom right hand corner of fender. You can go ahead and remove it now. Next remove the one bolt at the bottom rear of the fender.

3. Torx T-30 1/4 Inch Socket

I used the Torx T-30 Socket to remove the three bolts that remove the Dodge Ram headlamp assembly. When you open the hood you will see two Torx head bolts that hold the headlamp assembly in place. Remove these two now. There is also one bolt on the right side of headlamp assembly at the bottom.

It can be be accessed with the 1/4 Inch Ratchet and long extension with the T-30 socket by sliding it between the assembly and the bumper cover. You can also crawl under bumper and look up at headlamp assembly from ground and access the bolt.

At this time the Dodge Ram headlamp can be removed. Pull out and remove the two bulb connectors carefully, they can be brittle.

There will be two bolts behind the headlamp assembly that hold the front of fender to frame. Remove them now. Moving to the top of the fender there are four bolts that are to be removed at this time.

Two will be the color of the Dodge Ram fender and two that will be black. Be careful after removing the bolts at the top of the fender, at this time the fender will be able to be removed.

Check out my Video on Youtube for bolt locations


There you have it the Tools Remove a 02-05 Dodge Ram 1500 Fender. I hope this list helps you get your project completed. As always be safe in everything you do and wear the proper PPE for the job at hand. I am an Ace Hardware Affiliate. Check out my other Blog posts at www.top5toolstouse.com

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