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3 Tools To Build A Flower Bed With No Help

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

This List will give you the 3 tools you will need to Build A Flower Bed By Yourself. This morning me an my wife woke up and decided to build the Flower Bed she has been wanting now for months. These are the tools we used.

1. Round Tip Shovel

We used the Round Tip Shovel to dig out the excess dirt and grass from the Flower Bed Location. Also we used it to help level out the Flower Bed spot. Purchase the Long Handle 48 inch Shovel. We decided to go with the Limestone Retaining Wall Blocks. These are usually on sale in the early spring. We purchased ours for less than 2 dollars a piece.

2. 2 Foot Level

As always I would purchase the 3 piece set of Levels that are available at your local hardware store or online. We used the 2 Foot Level to Level up the Limestone Retaining Wall Blocks. The shorter Level works well for smaller DIY Projects like this one. When we needed to add a little dirt or take it away we just used our hands.

3. Wheel Barrow

We used the Wheel Barrow to hold and carry off the excess dirt and grass we removed. Amazon always has a great deal on a metal one wheel Wheel Barrow. Don't make the mistake of purchasing one that is to small, purchase the larger one and store it properly when not in use and it will last a long time.


Another DIY Project completed with my wife. I can't say we did not go back and forth but I can say we are still married. This DIY Project only took a couple of hours from start to finish. Our Flower Bed was a total 20 foot in length with two runs of Blocks. We used 40 Blocks, 6 bags of Soil and a piece of plastic for our weed barrier underneath. As Always do not forget your PPE (gloves and glasses) and be safe in everything you do. Check out my other blog post on https://www.top5toolstouse.com/post/yard-tools-for-spring-2021 Thanks for checking out my blog and do not forget to subscribe. If you have any questions about this project or any other send me an email top5toolstouse@gmail.com

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