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2 Tools To Replace Boat Trailer Bunks

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How To Install Tuff Bunk Boat Trailer Bunks

It's time to replace the Trailer Bunks on my boat trailer. I decided to go with the Tuff Bunk brand Trailer Bunk Replacements. These Bunks are rubberized coated and kiln dried wood. This will be the last set of trailer bunks you will ever buy, so check them out at On a difficulty scale I give this project a 2 out of 5. I would go ahead and purchase a new set of lag bolts also because it is a good chance the old ones are rusted.

1. 3/8 Ratchet with extension and 9/16 socket

I used the Ratchet and socket with extension to remove the old lag bolts that held the wore out trailer bunks in place. Also when going back with the new trailer bunks I used them to install the new lag bolts into the new Tuff Bunk bunks. You could easily use a cordless impact driver if available.

2. Rechargeable Drill and Bit

I used the Rechargeable Drill and bit to predrill the holes for the bolts that hold the bunks to the trailer. The 1/4 inch wood drill bit will get the job done. Place the bunks where they will be permanently and mark your holes for your lag bolts. Remove the bunks an drill your holes into the bunks but not to deep. Now Place the bunks back into position and install lag bolts and tighten. Repeat this step four times.


The Tuff Bunk brand bunks turned out pretty good and like I said before they are super simple to install. They will last a very long time. As always do not forget the PPE and be safe in everything you do. Remember most of our day to day projects do not require many tools to complete. For other DIY project tool information check out my blog

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