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The Roots

This site is for my 14 year old son and his generation to show them it does not take a lot of tools to get DIY projects done. I came up with the idea for this top5toolstouse.com after thinking, what can I write about that would help the new DIY and younger generation get started with their projects. So here we are.  All of my posts are projects I have done myself and have done them all with the tools I list.  A little about me, I am a father, husband grandfather and Veteran. I have worked in numerous fields, Auto Mechanic by Trade, grew up building houses with my Dad also I am a Certified Locomotive Engineer.  With all this information that I have learned over my lifetime, I decided to put it to words. I have realized that there are people that need to know what tools you need to complete a project before you can start a project.  Most readers don't realize how few tools are needed to complete basic projects. Please email me if you have any questions. I hope these lists help you prepare for your next project. I will be starting to do Live Videos on YouTube if interested check out my YouTube Channel Top 5 Tools To Use.

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